The Lighthouse is a domestic violence shelter in Fairfield County, Ohio

Community Care Day: Live United at The Lighthouse

Live United!

Thank you to our Community Care Day Volunteers!  You all did a wonderful job painting our shed and landscaping our properties not to mention all of the organizing you did in the basements!  Every year we get such a great group of you that really get it all done!  Our facility looks incredible!

A special thank you to June Streitenberger and Cheryl McNabb who volunteer every year at The Lighthouse on Community Care Day.  You always do an amazing job!

Thank you to Fairfield Homes volunteers: Amanda Northrup, Jessica Hudson, Kelsey Nienhaus, Shelley Bates, Emily Sheets, Katy Riensehild, Nancy Milliser, Rachel Morris, Cheryl Hiles, Jim Sigafoose and Tami Gunther – you all did fantastic!