The Lighthouse is a domestic violence shelter in Fairfield County, Ohio

House Manager


  • To maintain safety and sanitation for clients and staff alike
  • The House Manager will be part of a team and also work independently
  • Reports to Clinical Director or staff currently on duty.
  • REQUIRES: High school diploma or equivalent, understanding of dynamics of domestic violence and other issues specific to the philosophy of treatment encouraged by this agency, skills of an interpersonal nature which would enhance ability to organize their tasks and effectively relate to clients.
  • Ability to organize time and leadership skills to effect changes in task accomplishment on the part of the clients.
  • Ability to constructively handle conflict.
  • Will have to be able to climb stairs and lift items up to 30-45 pounds
  • Skills for maintaining constructive empathy and willingness to actively listen in dealing with clients.
  • Ability to document activities appropriately during shift.
  • Ability to deal calmly and constructively when faced with an emergency.
  • Must have availability for shift work.

General Tasks:

  • Complete room inspections to ensure that everyone is safe and rules are being followed
  • Enforce the rules of the agency to keep everyone safe
  • Answer phone and door
  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance with files/records/documentation
  • Be accessible to clients
  • Complete communication log with appropriate information
  • Respond to client questions and advocate for clients
  • House laundry
  • Cleaning office area
  • Take trash to curb on Tuesday Nights
  • Completing Fire drills
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Attend house manager meetings