Emergency Shelter

You can call us year round and around the clock.  Someone is always available to take your call.  Due to our limited space, we ask that you call to have a telephone assessment to ensure that you are appropriate for our services.  If space is available, we can only hold your space for 24 hours.  If time exceeds 24 hours, you will need to call to ensure that the space is still available. We can also offer referrals to other shelters and programs.

What you should bring if possible: 

  • Driver’s license or ID
  • Social security card/s
  • Medical card/insurance card
  • Birth Certificates (you and children’s)
  • Money, bank books, checkbook, credit card, ATM cards, payment books
  • Abuser’s SS#, license plate #, Address/es
  • divorce/custody papers
  • Medications
  • Personal items (address book, pictures, etc.)

You may or may not have access to these things.  The Lighthouse has food, some clothing and basic necessities available for you/your family.  Some of these things are replaceable and our staff can assist you through the process, if required.

Some things that you can expect in shelter:

Once you enter shelter and are safe, we will ask that you follow our procedure for bringing items into the shelter.  A staff member will assist you with obtaining food and linens/pillows for your bed(s).  Staff is also available to assist you with necessary paperwork at your request.  We don’t want to surprise you with rules, so please expect the following rules for the safety of everyone in shelter:

  • 9:00pm curfew
  • an initial assessment with a counselor to confirm appropriateness for shelter
  • appointments with case manager and counselor (individual and group sessions)
  • absolutely NO USE of drugs and or alcohol on or off the premises
  • no corporal (physical) punishment is tolerated
  • no visitors in shelter due to confidentiality, though you are free to visit away from shelter
  • you may have to share living space with another resident or family at some point during your stay